Online/In-Person Private Lessons

Learn Chess at your preferred time with a coach who is exclusively dedicated to you! Online lessons are conveniently conducted online via Zoom so your child can learn from the comfort and safety of your home. In-Person Lessons can be conducted anywhere at a location convenient to you, including your home or a library.

Our coaches are highly experienced USCF/FIDE rated chess players with several years of teaching experience. Coaching is provided for all playing levels from a novice player to more senior advanced players.


Lesson Details
  • 45 minutes of individual  learning with a coach completely customized for your level and style of learning.

  • Enrollment open to all students from Grades K-12

  • The foundation-level courses can be completed in 16 lessons, during which the student moves from one level to the next.

  • The maximum recommended time to complete the course is 4 months with once-a-week lessons. However, you can choose your pace and complete a course level in an accelerated manner by scheduling more lessons per week.

  •  Homework is provided after each lesson for extra practice.

  • Detailed feedback is provided by the coach at the end of the course, however, you can request feedback at any time during the lessons.

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