ThinkChess Courses

Our structured curriculum consists of: 

  • 5 Foundation Level courses – designed to achieve a USCF rating of approximately 1000 points
  • Master Level courses

 Upon completion of all the 5 Foundation Level courses, our students enroll for customized courses at the Master level.

Foundation Level Course Descriptions:


1. Beginner: No Chess knowledge

The objective of this chess course is to provide a foundation for the game. The curriculum has been designed for absolute beginners.

Chess Course Curriculum:

  • Nature of the game
  • Identify the squares
  • Rules for movement of pieces
  • Introduction to special moves
  • Check, Checkmate & Stalemate
  • Attack and Defense
  • Special moves in detail
  • Material and Exchange
  • Draw
  • Basic Strategies

Upon completion of the Beginner Chess Course, students will be capable of playing the game and will be well versed in all the rules.

2. Beginner-Intermediate: Basic Chess Knowledge

To enroll at this level, the student should have completed the Beginner Chess Course, or the student must have equivalent knowledge of the topics covered in the above course.

The objective is to teach basic tactics along with basic openings (how to start a game). The students will be taught to implement the concepts during the games played in the sessions.

Chess Course Curriculum:

  • Mate in one position
  • Basic Checkmates with Queen and Rook
  • Basic Opening concepts
  • How to notate a game
  • Tactics – Double attack, Knight Fork, Skewer, Back Rank, Pin, Destroying the defender, Distracting the defender
  • Mate in two positions

 Upon completion, each student will be comfortable with tactics and basic openings. This Chess Course will also cover guidance to start competing.

3. Intermediate:

To enroll at this level, the student should have completed the Beginner-Intermediate course, or the student must have equivalent knowledge of the topics covered in the above course.

After building a strong foundation in previous courses, students are ready to learn new strategic concepts to progress in the game. Theoretical Endgame and new opening theories will be introduced. Students will also practice the concepts taught in the games played during the sessions.

Chess Course Curriculum:

  • Defending a checkmate
  • King and Pawn endgames
  • Berger’s rule
  • Rook endgames theory
  • Openings
  • Advanced Tactics
  • Queen vs pawn on 7th Rank

Upon completion of the Chess Course, each student will have a good understanding of endgame, introduction to opening theory, and improved understanding of the game. Students will be ready to progress to the Advanced level.

4. Advanced – 1: 

To enroll at this level, the Intermediate level should be complete, or the student must have equivalent knowledge of the topics covered in the above course.

In this course the student will gain an extensive understanding of Advanced Tactics. Also, an opening repertoire will be prepared for all the students. To increase knowledge of the endgame theory, advanced endgame concepts will be covered in this course. Since the foundation courses have built the base, the Positional play of the middle game can be easily understood by the students. Former world champions’ classic games will also be analyzed.

In this course, emphasis will be placed on the implementation of the opening, middle game and end game skills which are taught.

Chess Course Curriculum:

  • Forced moves
  • Smothered mate, Windmill, X-ray attack
  • Imbalance Concepts
  • Positional strengths of pieces
  • Pawn structures
  • Advanced King and Pawn endgames
  • Advanced Rook endgames
  • Opposite color bishops endgame
  • The principle of second weakness
  • Combinations and Calculations

 5. Advanced – 2:

Chess Course Curriculum:

  • Pawn Endgames
  • Positional weakness
  • Openings gambits
  • Anastasia’s mate, Arabian mate, legal’s mate, etc.
  • Analysis of games of world champions
Upon completion of the Advanced chess learning courses, each student will be ready to master the game.

Master Level Courses:

Once the Advanced 1 and 2 level Chess Courses are complete, customized higher-level courses will be designed specifically for the students.

In case of group lessons, during the first lesson the level of the students will be assessed to ensure that all are placed in the correct Master Level group.