We are a team of dedicated parents and chess coaches who see the benefits of learning Chess and playing Chess during the formative school years. Hence, we have a passion for introducing and growing the enthusiasm for Chess across all school children.

Chess is considered as a great skill and hobby. It improves the child’s cognitive skills and teaches them the importance of patience and learning from their mistakes

Chess is one of the very few games which enables people to connect irrespective of age, language and geographies.


To introduce the game of Chess to every child and provide them with the opportunity to develop this skill to compete or enjoy as a hobby.

As parents of school-aged children, we are very particular of the activities that our kids engage in during after school and weekend hours. Hence, we established this program where your child will be spending quality time learning this game from experienced and enthusiastic chess coaches.

Chess Training

Meet our founders

Preeti has 10 years experience in Consulting and Project Management. She has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Texas. Being a Chess enthusiast herself, she enjoys this games with her sons.

Mansi has worked in HISD and CFISD as a Special Educator. She has also worked as a substitute teacher in a number of schools in the Houston area. She has also been studying and working inthe field of education for over 14 years.