Our Story

2 moms: 4 kids: All 4 got introduced to Chess at a very early age. This is how ThinkChess came into being. The benefits of learning and playing Chess during the formative school years is immense and we saw it first hand with our older kids. So, we took it upon ourselves to make sure that our younger ones have an opportunity to play chess in every school they study in. We started with an after-school chess club in our kids’ school, engaged parent volunteers, and hired a professional coach to teach Chess. The club became so hugely popular that in its 2nd year only, we had a waitlist for students wanting to join the club. We decided to introduce this amazing game to all school-aged children in our area. We met principals, district administrators, and professional chess coaches and introduced after-school chess clubs in about 15 schools all around the Houston Area. The demand kept increasing and we had to start Chess Lessons even on the weekends! Our passion for introducing and growing the enthusiasm for Chess across all school children in every part of the country made us think about online learning and that’s what ThinkChess does for the past several years.

Our Mission

To introduce the game of Chess to every child and provide them with the opportunity to learn the game either to compete or enjoy as a hobby for life. We aspire to provide the best Online Chess Learning to all students across all ages and areas and have the vision to see Chess Learning as an essential developmental skill that all students should explore during their school years.

Our Founder Moms

Mansi Arora

Mansi Arora is an Educational Diagnostician by profession. Her 20+ years of professional career has involved working with children and other service professionals which has served her well while transitioning into this project. She brings a lot of passion, enthusiasm, and creativity with her which makes ThinkChess stand out as one of the best Chess programs in the US.

Preeti Palkar

Preeti has 10 years experience in Consulting and Project Management. She has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Texas. Being a Chess enthusiast herself, she enjoys this games with her sons.

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